"I know my ideas have value, but I just can't seem to get anything done."

... is the number one thing I hear from my clients and audience.

There just isn't enough time. I can't seem to make any progress. I know what I need to do, but I never have the motivation to start. 

That's where the Mission System comes in.

In 4 email lessons you'll learn to structure your day, find your working ideals, and develop the discipline, habits, and systems that will make sure you crush your goals (you'll also get over $250 in discounts on amazing courses for creatives, but never mind that now, keep scrolling).


The Mission System isn't empty fluff, and it isn't a hand-holding session with Enya playing softly in the background. It's actionable systems you can start implementing right away so you can dig deep into what is holding you back from creating the business of your dreams. They're the techniques I used on a daily basis to build The House of Muses into what it is today.

You'll learn how to:


structure a daily routine you can't wait to start


find your ideal work time and place to fire inspiration and productivity


develop discipline and habits that will get you up any mountain


nail down exactly what your business and life priority is


discover how to make your goals achievable with daily actions


build systems for success (AKA: get shit done)


How it works


Read or listen to the lesson


Complete the worksheets

Get accountable



creatives who are ready to stop wasting time and see real change in their life and business


bloggers and entrepreneurs who struggle with productivity and procrastination


anyone who wants to be able to turn that sometimes-motivation into dream-making action




folks who aren't ready to explore and adapt


creatives who are content with not seeing their goals become a reality



Still have some questions? EMAIL ME DIRECTLY.


Hey! I'm Jordanna Rowan.

I'm a writer, designer, and blog coach for heart-centred bloggers and business owners.

I used to struggle with a lack of motivation so heavy I may as well have been wearing an x-ray vest. I could never see past the present moment, and so I pushed away tasks which caused even the slightest moment of discomfort, waiting instead until they were sources of sweaty dread keeping me up at night . While completing my first degree I figured out a system.

I started The House of Muses while a full-time graduate student, while working a part-time job, growing it into a successful blog and full-time coaching + design business. The House of Muses currently sees over 60,000 brilliant creatives each month.