The House of Muses Custom Design Lab Website Audit

Custom Design lab audit: $149

The ultimate quick & specific website audit to get you on track in just two business days. Discover how to increase conversions, direct traffic, and build trust with your audience.

The design lab audit is for you if you...

  • want to start making your website match your vision, but aren't ready to make an investment in custom design
  • know that your website needs some work, but you don't know where to start or what is most important
  • want to increase newsletter sign-ups and sales but don't know what's holding you back
  • aren't sure which features are essential
  • are ready to tackle making changes yourself

What The website audit is not

  • Web design or branding
  • A service that takes care of these changes for you
  • A service that writes copy or designs graphics



What to expect

   1. After you check out, I'll get to work on your website, giving you actionable steps to increase conversions, implement user-friendly design, build trust with your community, and make more sales (if that's your jam).

   2. Within two business days you'll get the completed Design Lab Audit PDF which is yours to keep, as well as post audit support. If anything is unclear, I'm more than happy to explain why I have included something— however, I'm not available to walk you through each change step-by-step.


* If you decide that you're not ready to make these changes yourself and you'd rather leave it to the pros, you get a free call with me to discuss and plan your web design and branding project and $149 off your project— making the website audit completely free.


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