Is a website really that important?

Yes, and here's why: your website is the face of your brand and business. Often it's the first way a potential customer or client really gets to interact with your business beyond a simple social media interaction.

When your website looks unprofessional, your business  looks unprofessional. If you were taking the chance on a new product or service with someone you had never worked with before, who would you trust: the coach with the confusing, outdated website, or the coach with a beautiful, professional website that makes it super easy to understand what they do and how they're going to help you?

I saw someone offering websites for $300. Shouldn't I just hire them instead?

You could, but you run the risk of being landed with a poorly designed product that affects your SEO, your sales, and your reputation in your field. You're likely buying a product from someone who hasn't taken the time to understand your brand and the specific needs of your unique business, and it will show.

I don't make just-add-water websites— I work closely with you on every step of the two week intensive to deeply understand your brand, business, values, and goals in order to create a one-of-a-kind brand and design that attract your ideal customer (and blow their socks off). Sound good?


Why Squarespace?

There are quite a few platforms out there on which to host your blog or business website, but I'm confident that Squarespace is the best choice for most businesses (and blogs)! 

Squarespace websites are 100% mobile responsive, meaning your visitors are going to get a beautiful, easy-to-use website no matter which device they're using (and your SEO ranking won't be negatively impacted by non-responsive design).

And spending hours searching for the right plugin? Not a time-waster you'll have with Squarespace; all Squarespace plugins are designed by Squarespace, for Squarespace, so you know they'll work right the first time (including e-commerce).

Best of all? The Squarespace platform is intuitive and easy-to-use, meaning once our design process is over, adding content and making changes is a breeze (and won't cost you $60/hr).

WHY DON'T YOU DO A 6 or 8-week design timeline?

Short answer? Because it's just not as fun.

Long answer? Because it's just not as good.

When we work together for a two-week intensive you are my sole design client, meaning you get my full attention for all parts of the design process. During those two weeks I am deeply immersed in your branding and design so I can understand your business's needs in the most authentic way possible. 

It also means that I'll be available to respond to your emails Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm within 2 hours— so your burning question never goes unanswered. It also means you have to be available, as well, and ready to respond to updates, so the process moves forward quickly and smoothly.