Blogging Better Minibook: $15

The short & sweet guide for beginners looking to clear out the noise and build a quality blog— the first time.

Blogging Better is for you if:

  • you have never blogged before and you are looking to start a new blog without the newbie mistakes
  • you're a fresh blogger, but you're not seeing the results you want and you want to hit that reset button
  • you've blogged before, but you didn't see the success you had planned on and you want to do it differently this time

KelseyAuger - Headshot

This minibook is golden! I wish I had this to follow when I started my first blog a few years ago (when I was totally clueless). You keep things so simple with some great examples which is so perfect for starting out. I've gone through a lot of different blogger's mini courses, ebooks, freebies, etc. and… this one I can honestly say is one of my favourites... covering everything from planning it out to promoting it.

Kelsey Auger



It answered all of my questions (including ones I didn't even know I had!) about how to improve my blogging practises. You laid everything out in such a clear step-by-step format that will definitely help me add some much-needed direction to my blog, and your tone was so friendly and helpful throughout!

Sarah Zentner


Learn the basics of how to:

  • develop a strong core mission, discover your niche, & understand your audience
  • blog consistently with an editorial calendar & blog post blueprint
  • develop strong secondary content
  • build clear navigation & layout
  • begin to create a unique brand that lets your personality forge a deep connection with your readers
  • understand how to implement quality visuals
  • reach your audience with a newsletter
  • build relationships that count with your fellow bloggers
  • ditch comparison & succeed on your own terms

[ 18 pages + bonus printable editorial calendar ]



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