Why I Switched to Squarespace After Years with Wordpress

Why I Switched to Squarespace After Years With Wordpress. Have you been thinking about making the switch? Are you frustrated with trying to get Wordpress to match your vision for your blog or business? Here are the 5 reasons why I moved my business.

I'd been thinking about it for quite a while...

... but I knew after all of the hours of frustration spent trying to get my website to look the way I wanted (and always having to waste time finding a work-around), that it was time to find something new. 

Recently I've been sharing a bit about my design process as well as a recent branding and design project for Joyce Harrell Wellness. I use Squarespace to design for my clients, but I also decided to use Squarespace for my own online home, The House of Muses. 

You might be thinking:

That's a huge change, and isn't Wordpress the best choice for businesses?

Here's why.



One of the great things about Wordpress is that there is a plugin for everything. One of the horrible things about Wordpress is that there is a plugin for everything— designed by 63752 different people.

I can't count the number of times I've had a specific design in mind, only to go through 4-6 plugins trying to find one that worked the way I wanted, and didn't crash my website.

With Squarespace, all of the plugins are designed by Squarespace, for Squarespace— covering basically anything you would need to design a gorgeous website. And if you want to tweak something? You can jump into the CSS and optimize it the way you like.

Not to mention, you can see all of your changes live— no flipping back and forth to figure out if your code worked.


When Wordpress updates, things can get a little hairy (read as: your website stops working). If the plugins you're using don't update quickly, or if you don't update, you may find all kinds of things going wrong. With Squarespace, I don't have to worry about updating anything, or about my website crashing when updates do happen. Yes!


Whether you're on a projector screen, or an iPod, Squarespace websites are functional, easy to use, and beautiful. See:

You don't have to worry about opt-in forms looking off when someone is viewing your website on a mobile device, or get stuck with a theme that doesn't respond and leaves your visitor scrolling from side to side (seriously the worst).

4. It'll save you money

Squarespace charges a flat monthly rate for a domain name, hosting, and the use of their services, making it super easy to sign up. When I was using Wordpress I was paying for more than one service that Squarespace can do all in one with seamlessly integrated and easy-to-use commerce. 

Now, I no longer have to keep track of separate payments and invoices for different services— just the one.

5. You can get started right away

Even if you're not choosing professional design (which, as a professional designer— biased!), you can use Squarespace to create a pretty darn good looking website in just a few hours.

Yes, seriously, a few hours. 

So when you're ready to launch that business or itching to try out a new idea, you're not going to spend days or weeks trying to get your website to look just so. With that excuse for procrastination (AKA: our old friend fear) gone, you can start making the magic happen, and look professional while doing it (and seriously folks, this matters. Would you buy from a sketchy-looking website circa 2002?).

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Have you been thinking of making the switch to Squarespace? Have any questions or fears? 

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