The Art of Slow: 25 Ways to Slow Down & Enjoy the Moment

The Art of Slow: 25 ways to slow down & enjoy the moment from The House of Muses.

Today is my birthday you wonderful people! Adam and I mostly celebrated yesterday, and we had a lovely picnic, and then settled down for— you guessed it... goal setting? Okay, so maybe that's not everyones typical birthday bash. One of the things on our list of collaborative goals was to live more in the moment— ironic, right? As goal setting sort of folks, we often get caught up in always looking forward, whether it's to the next project, the next weekend, even the next day. Sometimes we forget that the moment we're in now can often be the best one. So, I thought today on my birthday I would make up a list of some ways that both you and I can live slow, live mindfully, and enjoy the present (after all, it is my birthday. Get it? Get it? I'll start burrowing into the ground now).


1. Play cards by candlelight.

2. Grow herbs in your garden.

3. Bike to get groceries (better yet, get them at a farmer's market).

4. Take the stairs.

5. Take two things off of your to-do-list

6. Bake bread.

7. Ditch multi-tasking.

8. Pause to really connect with people in passing.

9. Ditch your smart phone/cellphone.

12. Nap outside. Feel the breeze on your skin and listen to the sparrows.

13. Send a handwritten letter to a friend. Draw your own cards.

14. Do something utterly unproductive you loved as a child.


18. Make meals a ritual.

19. Embrace moments of silence.

20. Make friends with your neighbours. Have backyard campfires.

21. Wait for people to finishing speaking before beginning.

22. Take a day off each week. Actually stop working.

23. Be satisfied with less.

24. Shun trends.

25. Connect with the seasons of the year.

Happy slothing!