Finding Balance: Periods of Hustle + Rest

It can be super easy when you're a new blogger or creative entrepreneur to get stuck in one mode for WAY too long— leaving you feeling drained and unmotivated. Here's how and why to balance the scales // self-care // business // freelance


a new business, blog, or creative project, it can be easy to get stuck in one of two modes:

a) Hustling like your life depends on it, cranking out new products and services on the weekly and producing ever growing piles of content, while feeling like you're holding your breath.

b) Spending hours on end researching and planning, making 4000% sure you've approached your topic from every angle and achieved Supreme Perfection (impossible) before launching— leaving yourself frozen with fear and unable to take the next step.

No matter into which bucket you fall, you will be giving yourself +216 Sanity if you intentionally work what's missing into your schedule.

For the last five months or so, I've been firmly planted in bucket 'a', releasing The Passion Project, launching consulting services, then the Mission System e-course, then the Blogging Better minibook and the Pinterest Perfect minibook essentially back to back; I also blogged steadily, piled on client work, wrote weekly newsletters, and redesigned my website.

Talk about hustle. So, in my attempt to bring balance into my life (albeit in an unorthodox sort of way), I decided I was going to take the month of May to step back and figure my shit out. Where did I want to take HoM over the next year? Where did I want to focus? How would I fit in time to plan and launch a second business and blog (which is now live here!)?

I decided in May I would launch the Youtube channel (unrelated) I'd been dreaming of doing, and read and vlog a book a day in May. In a fit of creativity, I decided to call this project 'A Book A Day In May' (and you can check it out here, even though it got totally derailed by an unexpected contract position with a social media start up).

Was this a period of rest? Not exactly. Did I take time to step away from my business and plan, and most importantly dedicate time to doing some of the things I love most (isn't that why we work for ourselves, anyway)? Absolutely.

If you find yourself in this bucket, being shoved endlessly along as if treading in choppy waters: schedule some away time. Write it down, and write down a few thing you'd like to think over when that day arrives. Where are you feeling the most stress? Are you heading in the direction of your Big Dream? Are you spending the right amount of time in the right areas, or are you working hours on end to simply stay afloat with no clear direction or destination?

If you're in the other bucket, surrounded by research and plans, up to your knees in rejected first drafts with a deer-in-headlights look smeared across your face, remember: there is never an end. There will always be another step to take, another improvement to make. Don't let that stop you from sending your project out into the world (that's the best way to make something truly better, anyway).

"There will always be another step to take, another improvement to make. Don't let this stop you from sending your project out into the world."


Write the day you are going to take the first, live action step in your planner— whether it's launching your blog, updating your about page, or sending that first promotional email about your new offering to your list.

And do it. Take that step. Take all that you have learned and throw it into action. At some point, we have to stop taking advice from others (the irony, I know), and see what it is that really works for you— and the only way you can do that is with action.

Hop into the other bucket.

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