It's never too late: why you can always make progress

It's never too late: why you can always make progress. Ever had one of those nights when you feel like you've wasted your whole day and there is no point in even trying to start on something? Or your whole week, or whole summer? Here's why that's crap.


My goal is to be sending out lovely, loving mail to you every Monday morning, but this weekend? It just wasn't happening. I'd been overloaded, overwhelmed, and trying really hard to actually have a weekend for once. It's not something I'm particularly good at, so my new goal is to quit work completely by 4pm each day.

We'll see how that goes. The point here? I wasn't going to send mail at all. I figured, well, if it hasn't gone out by 6am, I may as well not bother at all. It's over. It's too late.

My friends? Not so.

It's never too late.

It's never too late to try something new.

It's never too late to right a wrong.

It's never too late to turn your day around when it's been completely suckitudinous so far (and here's how).

It's never too late to change a bad habit, or build a new one (Proof: this 80-year old couple just ran a marathon and finished holding hands. They didn't start running until they were in their 50s).

It might feel like it's impossible to change something. You may feel like you've ran out of time, that you can't make enough progress to make it worth it.

I often feel this panic towards the end of the day. It goes something like this:

"OMG the day is nearly over and I haven't accomplished anything and what a waste of an entire day and I'm such a failure. It's too late to even bother now because I mean like it's 8PM and what is even the point anyways, because I'm such a stupid dumb dumb head and I threw away a whole day not being productive. I may as well just go to bed and sulk with no supper."

But starting late is better than never starting at all. Doing 5 minutes of yoga is better than none. Reading a few pages is better than none at all. The smallest step towards your goal is still better than no step at all.

"It's never too late to begin. The smallest step towards your goal is infinitely better than no step at all."


It's truly amazing what we can do in just a few minutes. How much work we can get done in 10 minutes of undistracted, undivided time. How much enjoyment we can get out of a quick walk around the block, or a few sun salutations.

Even if you really feel like your day has been a total loss, you can take five minutes, make yourself a cup of tea, and plan out exactly how spectacular your day is going to be tomorrow while you conquer the world.

You're fuggin' amazing. You got this.

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