My Design Process: How to keep your brand consistent with a brand board

My Design Process: How to keep your brand consistent with a brand board. Do you find yourself flip-flopping with your brand every time you create a new product, cover image, or social media post? Here's how you can stay super consistent with a brand board.

So in part one I shared with you how I create an unshakeable foundation for a new client's brand and website by teaming up to creating a brand vision board.

This week I want to take that process one step further and show you how I turn that inspiration board into a logo, colour palette, and collection of fonts among other brand elements— and how you can, too.

Let's get started!

The House of Muses Design Lab signature branding + design brand inspiration board: Joyce Harrell Wellness

1. a colour palette

The next thing I do before digging into logo creation or anything else is to pull together a strong colour palette.

When you're building a colour palette, you want to make sure there are a good range of complimentary colours as well as a range of shades. A colour palette that is LOUD LOUD LOUD LOUD has no nuance.

I love using a website called Coolors to pull everything together. To start, I get the hex codes for the colours isolated on the branding vision board and see how they jive together, and if any of them need to be adjusted to really look harmonious and pleasing.

Then, I look to see if I'm missing anything in the range of colours or shades, and fill out the palette; I usually aim for about five colours, with at least one of those being a good neutral.


2. initial LOGO CONCEPTS

Once I have colours, I have a mood and I can begin to create several logo concepts (the client picks between 2-3 concepts, and then alternate logos are created for the selected design).

Since my client has a holistic wellness business and is also an herbalist, I drew inspiration from flowers, trees and herbs, apothecary labels, and warm natural colours. 

The House of Muses Design Lab signature branding + web design package. Joyce Harrell Wellness

3. logo customization

The client was very much interested in option two (my personal favourite as well), and so I refined this main logo and created a few alternate logos for use in square-proportioned spaces, business cards, stamps, etc.

The House of Muses Design Lab Signature Branding + Web Design package. Joyce Harrell Wellness logo.
The House of Muses Design Lab Signature Branding + Web Design package. Joyce Harrell Wellness logo.

4. font pairing

For me, the choice of gorgeous brand fonts is a bit of a chicken or egg situation. Sometimes, find a fantastic font pairing before a concept for a logo even flirts with me, and I find a way to work one of those fonts into the logo.

Other times, I find one font that works beautifully with a logo, and so I find a second font to pair with it for the rest of the brand and website.

In this case, the logo came first, and I paired this font (Marion) with a contrasting font (Avenir Next).

When picking fonts you want to keep in mind a couple things:

     a) contrast
     b) x-height (the height of the character 'x' in each font)

The fonts in a pairing should not, stylistically, be too similar; for example, you typically want to pair a serif font with a sans-serif font for body text.

However, the fonts should have a similar 'x-height', meaning that one font shouldn't be very tall and slim, while the other is very wide.


5. BRING IT TOGETHER with a brand board

Having a brand board is incredibly useful as you go forward building your website, social media templates, business cards, thank you cards, and any other elements of your business where your branding is present— even simply posting on Instagram.

It gives you a reference point, where you can always look back and ask yourself "is this in alignment with my brand"— no matter what it is you're creating.

Here, I've included some of the inspiring images from the brand vision board, as well as some social media icons for use on the website.

The House of Muses Design Lab Signature Branding + Web Design package. Joyce Harrell Wellness brand board.

That's all for now folks! :) If you missed part one, check it out right here, and stayed tuned for the last part of this series next week.

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