Mindful Blogging: How to Blog With Intention and Passion

Mindful blogging: how to blog with intention and passion. Are you guilty of zombie blogging? Here's how to bring your blog into alignment with your values and passions and connect deeply with your audience.


... a lot about what I'm doing here at The House of Muses. What my intentions are, how I want to help people, what I hope to achieve. I want to make sure I'm taking mindful, intentional steps forward, rather than strolling blindly along, hoping that what shows up is good.

Although I've never put the exact word 'mindful' to it before, creating a second blog has made me realize more clearly what exactly The House of Muses is all about.

It's about blogging and business, yes, but it's about connecting with your audience, sharing your message and reaching success mindfully— without throwing your wellbeing out the window. Without forgetting why you started in the first place. Without forgetting your mission.

So, without further ado, here are a few tips for mindful blogging.


When we first start our blogs we do an awful lot of thinking about the audience we do have, and our intended audience— but after? A lot of that thinking seems to go to waste.

It's so important to remember your ideal reader with every single post you write, asking yourself:

  • Who am I writing to?
  • Who am I hoping to reach with this content, and what do they really need?
  • Is it solving a problem for them?
  • What do they really gain?


Although each blog post is a separate piece of writing, usually on a separate topic, they work together as more of a team. Your about page, your blog posts, and social media work together to send your reader in a particular direction— which of course depends on your blog and business.

For some people, getting their reader to read as many blog posts as possible may be what leads them to success (high views lead to increase pay for sponsored content, more reader engagement, etc). For some, it may be crucial that readers sign up for their newsletter because that's where the sales happen— in which case, sticking around to binge-read 20 blog posts isn't as necessary.

What is your blog doing? And more importantly, what are each of your blog posts doing? What greater purpose do they serve? Are they giving your reader a clear direction? How do they fit in with your mission?


Okay, it's cheesy, but every blog post is a learning experience. I'll be honest, there have been many times where I've set out to write a newsletter or post about a topic without a hundred percent certainty about what I knew, or what my opinions were— but I found out, and I learned more about myself as I went along. It was only once I had to face the topic head on that I really learned how I felt about it.

So ask yourself: what did you discover or gain from writing your post? How did you grow? And when you figure it out, include it in your blog post! Your readers will love to see your progress and understanding (plus, it totally makes you seem like a human. Score!).


Although it can sometimes feel like you need to be writing a blog post every other day (especially when you're starting out), this couldn't be farther from the truth. As long as you are using social media, especially Pinterest or Instagram, to continuously share old and new posts, you won't feel like you need to post every day in order to get a single view.

Pushing yourself to the limit to blog everyday on top of social media, newsletter writing, and interacting with your audience (plus work/school) will only lead to frustration, burn out, and let's be honest— bad quality writing.

Quality over quantity every time and your readers will thank you for it. Create the kind of content they want to read more than once, the kind of content they wake up remembering, and the kind of content that makes your heart proud.

"Create content they want to read more than once, the kind of content they can't forget, and the kind of content that makes your heart proud."


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