The Loneliest Number: Battling Solo Working LonEliness

We're getting better at sharing the honest highs and lows of being a blogger, entrepreneur or freelancer. But the soul-crushing loneliness? It comes with the territory. My friend, you're not alone. Here are some words of truth from me to you.


Better at sharing the honest highs and lows of being a blogger, entrepreneur or freelancer. Better at revealing the frustration, struggles, fears, and imperfections that we all experience at some point on our journey.

So I'm going to share something with you that I'm really struggling with right now.

And that thing is soul-crushing loneliness. Honestly, it comes with the territory. A lot of the time, when you're just starting a blog or business you're working from home— and at first? That's probably the most exciting thing ever. The freedom to make your own schedule is unparalleled. The joys of working in your underwear unmatched.

You put in as many hours as you would at a full time job (and let's get real here, probably many more), and slowly, friendships and relationships slip away as you work to make your dreams come true.

Since I've been working from home for some time now, and no longer attending grad school, the loneliness is real. Some days, I wonder if I would even know how to make a friend, if I came across one. It gets easier and easier to simply stay inside. Today, I curled up on my couch and cried. Yesterday? Also cried.

I know there are people out there who would make amazing friends, people just like me, who are probably sitting at home, wondering how they're supposed to find friends, too. The problem is, I don't know how to find these people.

But I'm working on it. If I have any advice I can offer to you, it's this:

1. Remember that you're not alone in feeling alone.

There are a zillions other bloggers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and stay-at-home parents who are struggling with the very same thing.

2. Remember that this will pass.

Things will not always be as they are. This is a difficult one for me— I feel like I may be stuck in this situation forever, but it's not the case. Next year, I may be living in a different, city, or a different country. Who knows what will happen in days to come.

3. Make a plan.

I'm big on planning, you may have noticed. Since planning has worked so well to help me build a blog, and build a business, I figured I could use a structured plan to help me find a friend, too. My goal? Explore one new way of making a friend every week. Take a class. Go to the park. Go to a free public event. Check out Meetup to find like-minded folks getting together to do awesome things (like knit, and talk about Sherlock. Anyone? Anyone?).


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