Kickstart Your Creative Business Journal Prompts

Creative Business Journal Prompts from the House of Muses to get you focused on transforming your blog or business in 2016.

As the new year is approaching and all that awesome new-project energy is swirling around, I thought I would offer up some juicy journal prompts for you wonderfolk. If you've just started building your creative blog or business, if you're a seasoned business owner looking for inspiration and revitalization or if you've got the seed of an idea waiting to catch a ride on that new year energy, these prompts will help you grasp a further understanding of the dynamics of your biz.


Grab a pen and a journal!





1. What are your biggest business dreams for 2016?

2. What is the biggest fear that is holding you back in your creative business/blog?

3. What positive changes do you see for your blog or biz in 2016?

4. Who do you feel most inspired by for your business?

5. What four words would you use to describe your business in 2016 and why?

6. Where do you go when you need business guidance?

7. Who do you see as constructive competition, and what can you learn from them in the coming year?

8. What core values are at the heart of your business? How can you bring these to your audience/customers?

9. What negative belief about your business are you ditching this year?

10. How do you feel about the relationship between earning money and providing an authentic service? Do you have any limiting beliefs here you might address?

11. How are you going to refresh and bring new life into the creative aspect of your blog and biz this year?

12. How are you balancing your life and business? What can you do to bring more harmony to the situation?

13. How can you better connect with your customers/audience this year? What is something unique that you can bring to them?

14. What are your three greatest strengths and your three greatest weaknesses you are bringing to the business?

15. What are you most grateful for in your blog & biz world?

I hope this brings you some inspiration, some fresh ideas, and some clarity in the new year. Get on board with this super exciting time and transform your business, mavens!