Hobby Business to Entrepreneur: 3 Key Things You Need to Know with Sarah Shuttle

Hobby Business to Entrepreneur: 3 Key Things You Need to Know with Sarah Shuttle. Transitioning your side hustle to a full time gig is a leap of faith— so we're sharing with you three ways to keep the overwhelm at bay as you make the transition into full-time business owner.

Making the decision to go from hobbyist to full-time entrepreneur is not an easy one; it is as terrifying as it is exciting.

It’s a complete leap of faith (I know, I’ve done it!), but being as prepared as possible is going to help you thrive. Here I’m sharing three things to help keep you from being overwhelmed as you make the transition into full-time business owner.

Socialising Is No Longer Optional

If you’re anything like me, making those connections is a bit like going to a party where you don’t know anyone; anxiety-provoking, awkward, and downright exhausting.

However, there’s no way around this; making contacts is a must!  

You can’t sit and wait for customers to find you. You have to go to them; being a full-time entrepreneur is all about being pro-active.

There are so many different ways to connect with the explosion of social media into our daily lives. Facebook groups, your page, Facebook Live (it’s not so bad!), Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter. You need to network, make contacts inside and outside of your industry, and be able to talk about your business with confidence. Depending on your business, real-life networking events may even be necessary. Putting yourself and your work out there is essential for success… and yes, that means getting vulnerable.

Imposter Syndrome Strikes

I have not met one person in business who has not felt like a fraud at one time or another. Most, if not all, entrepreneurs struggle with lack of confidence sometimes.

There are many ways to tackle it, and one of the things I work on is building confidence in other creatives.

The truth is, sometimes you just have to fake it until you make it.

Look the part, act the part, even if you want to hide. Our minds believe what we tell them, so eventually you will feel the confidence coming from within.

For me there is a direct correlation between design and confidence. I’m unapologetically passionate about branding in business, because I know that the right branding has the same powerful effect as a professional makeover and flattering, sexy outfit has on me and many other women I know. Looking my best taps into a secret river of confidence.

Consistency Becomes Key

Keep talking. Keep sharing. Make people notice you.

An experience business coach told me to keep putting my voice out there even if it annoyed people; that way I would know I was succeeding.

That comment amused me, but it makes a good point. At first you might feel you are talking to no one. That’s okay! But you need to keep doing it. People don’t want to follow someone who doesn’t post regularly. They want some unwritten guarantee they will benefit from following you or interacting with you. You can’t disappear for a month without warning then pop up and expect to pick up where you left off.

So, you’re posting regularly, but consistency comes in once again in regard to content. If you want to be seen, acknowledged and remembered, your business must be recognisable everywhere.

It needs to stay on-brand. That means visually consistent as well as the message and values you are putting out there in your posts.

This may all sound overwhelming, but I can guarantee becoming a full-time entrepreneur is rewarding and exhilarating. I do not regret my decision to launch my own business, even when it gets tough!

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Sarah is a brand designer and entrepreneur specialising in working with female creative business owners. In addition to her passion for design and building beautiful brands, she is a fervent believer in being authentic, building confidence and self-acceptance as women and entrepreneurs. When not designing, she will probably be found reading with a cat (or three) around her!

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