Comfort vs. Discomfort: The Limit-Testing Road to Success

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Look, there will come a time...

when things get uncomfortable as hell.

You will have to do things every single day that you do not want to do (for example, I get out of the shower, despite the fact that I would love to stay under the scalding water for hours and prune myself into oblivion).

You will have to force yourself to do these things, despite how uncomfortable they might make you.

Comfort, in any case, is a little bit over rated. There is a place for it: on Sunday mornings with a cup of tea, on a July afternoon, laying in a pool of hot sunlight, curled up with your S.O., watching people commit heinous acts of violence on Game of Thrones (one of these things is not like the other...).

But in business? In creativity? In learning and growing and becoming a better, more thoughtful person?

Not so much. Those things go hand in hand with discomfort. If you are not occasionally uncomfortable, you are not trying something new. You're not taking risks, getting failures under your belt, learning, or expanding. You are not testing yourself to see where your limits lie.

"If you are not occasionally uncomfortable, you are not trying something new. You're playing it safe, and in business, safe is often death."


You're playing it safe, and in creative business, safe is often death.

Don't let comfort get in the way of your ability to achieve epic, unheard-of, wondrous things.

Let those moments of discomfort sink in and get familiar with your own strength.

What was the last thing you did that pushed your comfort zone?