15 More Creative Business & Blogging Prompts

It's time to dig: to explore how you've grown, where you've succeed, and where you have yet to grow with 15 new juicy business journal prompts— made for creative entrepreneur and bloggers just like you.

So, roughly 6 months have gone by since the New Year— ish.

I'm a little early with this. In any case, we've come such a long way! We've seen some of our goals come to fruition, and come up against unforeseen struggles. We've taken on new challenges, and had successes we never expected. Last Autumn I released 15 creative business journal prompts to help you kickstart your creative business— and now I'm sharing 15 more! So grab a pen and a journal, and dig deep.





1. What has your biggest success of 2016 been so far? What did you learn from this experience?

2. How about your biggest failure? What was the lesson here?

3. What passion or mission is truly fuelling your business? What is one thing you can do to let that passion or mission shine?

4. Who is someone in blogging/business for whom you have felt envy/jealousy this year? What limiting belief lies at the root of this jealousy?

5. What is one thing you would never give up for blogging or business success?

6. What does your life look like when you feel most successful?

7. What negative impact has running a business or blog had on your life and how can you work to resolve this?

8. Who is involved in your dream partnership (interview, collaboration, etc), and what are 3 steps you can take to get there?

9. What is one thing on your regular to-do list you can cut to streamline your business and eliminate stress?

10. What other blog or business do you really admire and why?

11. What can you do to bring a little of this spirit into your own work?

12. What will your biggest business/blogging challenge be in the next 3 months? Why?

13. What self-care practises can you put in place to make sure your health and happiness don't get forgotten in the process?

14. What was your biggest customer/client related gaffe, and how can you learn from this 'oops' to make your business even better?

15. What does your ideal business day look like?


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